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Arbeloa blames Real Madrid players not Mourinho for failure

Posted on June 02, 2013 by admin

The dream team and the dream is over. Real Madrid, the biggest and richest team in the world, and the manager thought to be the best in the world, Jose Mourinho, have gone their separate ways. It is safe to say that the dream partnership did not work. It was supposed to end the dominance of FC Barcelona and bring the historic 10th European cup to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, but neither of those two main objectives has been achieved.

There are various schools of thought as to why the last three years have been nowhere near as successful as expected. The divisions between different sections of the Madrid faithful were obvious in the final La Liga game against Osasuna yesterday. Some had flags of Mourinho and thanked him warmly for his efforts, while others booed him and were clearly glad to be rid of him.

Alvaro Arbeloa came to Madrid the summer before Mourinho’s arrival, so is not as entrenched as players like Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos. The 30-year old believes that Mourinho has been taking too much of the blame for the failure of the project and thinks that some of the Madrid players need to look closer to home to understand what went wrong. I personally do not agree with him, but he is obviously in a better position to see how things have panned out, so his opinion is certainly worth noting.

He said, “Yes, it’s a shame that Mourinho is leaving, because he has given his life for the club. He has sacrificed a lot for this club and he has suffered.

“He’s always put Madrid first, ahead of himself and at the cost of his own image. I don’t think that anyone at this club, including the players, could say the same.

“It’s a shame that he hasn’t been able to take more advantage of these three years by winning more titles.

“There have been some people that have lacked maturity. There are some players that don’t care about the image we have with the press, others care more about their public image.”

He goes on to suggest that the Madrid players, on the whole, never believed they could retain the title this year after a poor start. Is that sort of thing not the manager’s job, though. Mourinho had the players together last season and we won the Spanish title after three years in a row from Barcelona. So what went wrong?

It seems to me that Mourinho is the one who has been more concerned with his own image, blaming the players for the poor start, when most of them agree that the pre-season preparation was poorly planned. They felt that he never accepted responsibility when things went wrong, but tried to claim the glory after a good result.

It was Mourinho who made publicly disparaging statements about some of the players, like Ronaldo, Casillas and Pepe, while they tried to say as little as possible. I am surprised by Arbeloa’s statements and do not think he will be the most popular man in the squad when the other players see them. Maybe he is after a transfer to Chelsea.

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