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Eden Hazard chooses the Premier League over Real Madrid or Barcelona

Posted on February 14, 2012 by admin

The exciting young Belgian winger Eden Hazard has practically confirmed that he is very keen on moving to the Premier League and particularly Tottenham Hotspurs, and he is suggesting that he is too young to make the move to either Real Madrid or Barcelona.

Here is an excerpt from his interview with RTBF in Belgium:

RTBF: So…The future. So now we need to speak about Tottenham, there is a new rumour which has just appeared on FranceFootball saying you’re on your way to the Spurs. Well you’ve already agreed that you want to go to England at the end of this season.

Hazard: Yes, I’ve said it. Because I think it is there I can learn better, I think that every week-end is a big match, even against “smaller” teams. It’s simply a higher level.

RTBF: A few of your followers, like Ludociv Guly, says he would rather see you playing in Spain, with your style.

Hazard: This is maybe more my style but I think in Spain, to win the title, there is only either Barcelona or Madrid and I think it’s more difficult to play there at my current age.

That is a real shame as Hazard is well-known to be the most exciting European youngster coming on to the market this summer. And he will certainly improve Tottenham next season.

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