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Future is clear as mud for Mourinho at Real Madrid

Posted on April 19, 2013 by admin

I am not sure if Jose Mourinho is simply having fun at the expense of the journalists he has such an uneasy relationship with. I suspect he is, but the continually changing rumours cannot be good for the fans or the players of Real Madrid.

One minute he is determined to stay, the next he is going to PSG and taking Cristiano Ronaldo with him. I suspect that even Jose does not know for sure where he will be manager next season. It all blew up again this week after he told the president of the club that his son plays for that he would not be at the Bernabeu this season.

Manuel Alvarez admitted when he revealed this that he did not know whether Mourinho was joking or not, but the story rapidly snowballed with embellishments like he had shown a picture of Chelsea on their bus parade through London last season and declared that he would be on it soon.

The Portuguese boss was deliberately obtuse when asked about it and merely said that Alvarez liked media attention. He was equally backwards in coming forwards when talking about his position at Real Madrid.

“I’m not unhappy at Madrid,” said Mourinho. “I could be happier or less happy, but that could happen anywhere. There is no such thing as the perfect club or the perfect coach.

“The fundamental thing is to finish the season well. We are two games from the Champions League final. Not long ago we were. Then, when the pressure from those games has passed, we will sit down and come to conclusions.”

In his last sentence we are probably closer to the truth. Mourinho may have a good idea idea where he will end up if he leaves Madrid, probably Chelsea or PSG, but if he wins the Champions League for Madrid’s historic 10th time, there is a good chance he could stay on. If he doesn’t, the Madrid fans will probably not want him anyway, and he would be crazy to stay at a club where he was unpopular. There is always the Barcelona effect, though, and this is something that Mourinho shares with the fans.

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