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Mourinho is the best paid coach in the world, Messi the best paid footballer

Posted on March 20, 2012 by admin

According to the french sport journal, Jose Mourinho was the higheat earning coach in world sport, receiving 14.8 million euros in 2011. Second was Carlo Ancelotti of Paris Saint-Germain, wwith Barcelona`s Pep Guardiola in third place on 10.5 million.

The journal went on to explain, “he is an animal of the stage, an exceptional communicator who, thanks to his dark good looks, continues to interest the advertisers.”

If Jose is feeling the pinch then he might be interested in going to China, where Shanghai Shenhua would reportedly be willing to offer the special one 360,000 euros a week, tax-free. That would mean a staggering 18.72 million euros a year before any endorsements.

Jose would still be a long way short of the highest paid footballer in the world, Lionel Messi, who earned a total of 33 million euros in 2011. David Beckham was second on the list with 31.2 million and Christiano third with 29.2 million.

Strangely, while American basketball players and golfers can far exceed Messi`s earnings, the highest paid coach in American sport was Doc Rivers of the Boston Celtics on a measly 5.4 million.

Do not be surprised if Guardiola, should he renew his contract at Barcelona, tops the list next year.

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