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Mourinho slams Pepe as war breaks out at Real Madrid

Posted on May 07, 2013 by admin

Jose Mourinho and his careless statements are causing a serious problem in the Real Madrid dressing room. The Portuguese manager is tossing verbal grenades into the Spanish media as if it was the Normandy landings. Mourinho has always done things his own way, tending to surprise journalists with his comments, but he has usually been charming and amusing. Now, the special one is in danger of damaging his reputation, because the way he is behaving is lacking in class.

His scornful statements about the Madrid captain and Spanish number one Iker Casillas have not been well received. Sections of the Spanish media have suggested that he is trying to force Real Madrid to sack him so he will get compensation, but to slander a professional, especially one you work with is just not right. Just over a year ago, as the Balon D’Or awards were approaching Mourinho was praising Casillas as the best keeper in the world and saying he should win the award. This week he has said that Diego Lopez is a much better keeper.

The two have obviously fallen out, but Mourinho should have more respect. That is basically what the Madrid and Portugal defender Pepe said yesterday. Pepe has always been a supporter of Mourinho but said at the weekend that Casillas deserved better than the treatment he was receiving from the manager.

Mourinho reacted like a spoilt child today by accusing Pepe of only saying that because he had lost his place to Varane. I have never heard a coach make a statement like this about one of his players. It was demeaning and insulting and the person it really makes look bad is Mourinho. Today at training, he ignored his players and did not say a word to any of them but stood with his back turned while they trained. Chelsea are welcome to him!

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