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Real Madrid demand explanation of Blatter attack on Ronaldo

Posted on October 29, 2013 by admin

Fans of Real Madrid have long suspected that the football governing bodies of Uefa and FIFA have been, let’s say, more sympathetic to FC Barcelona than they should be. Jose Mourinho alluded to this last year in the build up to the ceremony for the Ballon D’Or, which Lionel Messi won again, despite Cristiano Ronaldo leading Madrid to win La Liga with a record points total.

Real Madrid have been given more evidence that this unfair bias is indeed the case, and have sent a letter to FIFA demanding an explanation of just what the president Sepp Blatter was tring to achieve when he criticised Ronaldo and admitted his preference for the Barca and Argentina striker recently.

Blatter said, “Leo is a good guy. Every parent would like to have him at home. He’s a good man, very quick, not exuberant. He plays very well, like he’s dancing.

“The other(he doesn’t actually use Ronaldo’s name) is like a commander on the field (here he made a military gesture). One spends more on his hairdresser than the other. But I can not say who is the best. They must decide. I lke both, but I prefer Messi.”

With the final voting coming up soon, surely the head of the organisation should not be expressing any preference, and to try to make himself look amusing by taking the piss out of one of the best players there has ever been just makes him look crass.

Maybe Blatter should focus more on the widespread corruption and ineptitude in his own organisation. Possibly the ridiculous decision to award the World Cup to Qatar, when games would have to be played in the develish heat of the desert in the middle of summer should automatically disqualify him from ever expressing an opinion. Idiot!

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