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Sevilla vs. Real Madrid preview plus more by Mourinho

Posted on September 15, 2012 by admin

Jose Mourinho has told the media about various things going on at Real Madrid at the moment in a press conference before Real Madrid play Sevilla tomorrow.

On the player’s fitness after international break;

“The players are all right, a little tired but not much, everyone is eager to work and play against Sevilla.”

On the player’s moods following the recent speculation surrounding the club and international duty;

“They are fine, why not and none of them lost with their National Teams.”

On the team’s recent performances;

“I am a football coach and I have to worry about sports, scores and quality of play. The only thing that worries me is that my team has not played well yet. We are together and together the concerns diminish, we are returning to play even though we lack time to train.”

On tomorrow’s game vs Sevilla;

“Tomorrow is a difficult game, big game, quality opponent and haven’t had time to work, that’s the truth. We want to win more and play better, and we can do in this template, i don’t know a player here who doesn’t want to do so. We must seize tomorrow’s game to improve the quality of play, tough game before the City on Tuesday.”

On Deadline day signing Michael Essien;

“Essien is ready to play, Essien has come with joy, enthusiasm, without physical problems and was training in a great way too”

On Ronaldo’s situation;

“Cristiano had 2 years, in which he played well, well, well, and 99% of the credit for his performance is him, I’m just the coach. I do not bother CR7 statements, my ambitions are in terms of results and quality of play. If Cristiano is sad and plays as he did, perfect for me, and the result is Cristiano is very good. Cristiano is a team player, supportive and exemplary.”

“I think you (the media) have had a terrible 15 days, without my team games or any other teams, so they just talked about him. Ronaldo is a great professional, is very supportive to his team-mates and supportive by them, he does not worry me. I think we should assess Ronaldo for What he do on pitch and in football, just for giving us the best football”

On the Spanish Super Cup;

“The Super Cup is history, before and after win, I still think the same, is the least important of the four trophies.”

On Real Madrid’s Game;

“In the past we’ve been at high level of play, My teams always had quality to make rivals feel uncomfortable from 1st minute. In the past 3 games our rivals felt that they were facing a team they could beat, That’s my worry. If my team didn’t win, you’ll kill me, if My team played bad, you’ll kill me, that’s what really worries me. Sevilla are a team of a top level by its possibilities, we want to win and see if green Shirts are good. I do not expect another 2-6 result like the last years. At last, it is a great game to enjoy tomorrow and I hope the best win, and hope the best tomorrow is the green.”

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